Festival organisers Untitled Group invest in ‘hangover cure’ Bae Juice

Via The Music Network

The group behind music festivals Beyond The Valley, Grapevine Gathering, Wildlands, For The Love and Ability Fest has announced a partnership with Bae Juice.

Bae Juice is billed as a ‘hangover remedy’ made from 100% Korean Pear Juice.

Untitled Group said the partnership was a milestone moment as it looks to amplify its diversification, and Bae Juice seeks to bolster its growth with external investment for the first time.

“Combining Untitled Group’s ability to tap into the youth demographic who are sure to be having late nights on the booze coming out of lockdown, and Bae Juice’s anti-liver-damaging properties helping the body in detoxifying and eliminating alcohol efficiently, the partnership is a match made in heaven for partygoers,” Untitled Group said.

Untitled’s investment in the juice product is its first foray into the consumer goods space. Its decision has been driven by the difficulties of COVID-19 and the associated lockdowns, and the ensuing need to diversify its endeavours outside the live music space.

Michael Christidis, director of Untitled Group, said it’s been impressive watching the hangover-remedy drink blow up organically, and he can’t wait to further amplify that growth.

“Being at the forefront of cultural trends is something we pride ourselves on at Untitled, and this isn’t just limited to music and arts. We interact with hundreds of thousands of youths annually at our events and through digital mediums. Staying highly adaptive and catering for their evolving interests is a key focus for us and that’s how we found Bae Juice,” he said.

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