Josh and Amy Dowdle are Lastlings, the Gold Coast sibling duo who have taken their place as new leaders in the sweet spot between live and electronic. Amy contributes her double-edged sword of intricate, wistful lyrics with her own ethereal vocals at center stage while Josh complements with perfect electronic-driven synergy, injecting sweeping synth work and robust bass lines to weave together dynamic and emotional dancefloor moments. 

The duo harbor a powerful, slow-burning energy and a deep dedication to their craft that has set them far and apart across today’s musical landscape. These Lastlings traits were likely inherited from their Japanese roots, impressed upon them throughout the trips they spent balancing the duality of the high-energy, electrified city of Tokyo and the tranquility of Aomori, a small fishing village on the northern side of the main island and their grandparents’ hometown. “Every time we’d visit the city, there would be something new that we hadn’t yet experienced -- like we were venturing into the unknown,” they share. “But upon returning to the smaller towns, there is such beauty in the simplicity and tradition of Japan that deeply grounds us. This balance between simplicity and complexity had great influence on us, and the concept of the album.” 

Lastlings are ready to debut their first album, the aptly-titled First Contact. Partially written in a remote stillness of a snow-capped house in that Japanese village and fine-tuned and finished all across Australia, the record aims to capture emotions that feel familiar, while transporting listeners to a universe far away -- one that feels closer to fiction than reality. 

The pair are entering into their new chapter with grand support. Championed by fellow Australian superstars RÜFÜS DU SOL, Lastlings have also been warmly welcomed to the band’s own label, Rose Avenue and toured alongside the band at iconic venues like Colorado’s Red Rocks and the Los Angeles State Historic Park. They are recognized and lauded by industry-defining platforms like Billboard, NME and Mixmag and featured within the pages of cultural paragons like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Paper, Flaunt, and W Magazine

First Contact is a transcendent debut, and marks only the beginning for Lastlings -- a forward thinking duo and ultimate combination of art, tradition and determination. It’s an auspicious first glimpse into the universe, as built and told by Amy and Josh Dowdle, and a promise of what’s still yet to come.

Lastlings - Out of Touch