Daily Nightly

Daily Nightly is a record label from Untitled Group, in partnership with The Orchard.

Taking its name from the 1967 track of the same name by The Monkees, ‘Daily Nightly’ was a glimpse into the LA sunset strip curfew riots which were a revolt again the lockdown at the time, a notion with resurfacing relevance in Australia, with Sydney’s thriving nightlife scene crippled by lockout laws.

It was also arguably the first widely known rock recording to feature a Moog Synthesizer, pushing the boundaries for its time, a concept celebrated by the label - “We hope for our label to carry on this ethos, one that really excites listeners. Not only will we aim to push boundaries within our time sonically, we will also represent the label in a refreshing light aesthetically…” – Label Director Filippo Palermo.