Australian indie-electronic duo, Golding, are back with their sophomore single ‘Alone.Together.’, a paradoxical isolation anthem highlighting the blissful side of being locked down with loved ones.

The track came together serendipitously, when vocalist Jay Bainbridge was singing off the cuff to his wife during a boozy night in quarantine. Instantly recognising the track’s potential, Jay rushed to his phone to record the hook. Golding’s other half, Matt Bartlem, brought the vision to life with his signature production.

With a meticulously composed sound that draws inspiration from artists such as Alt-J & Phoenix, Golding experiments with melody, beats, andspace in a way that seeps into your subconscious, swirling around your mind and overtaking your senses.

Layering intoxicating harmonies with charming vocals, and experimenting with warm acoustics and effective bursts of pop, the duo specialises in dreamy indie-dance that pays homage to the old-school with a subtle nod to a new era.

Golding - Alone. Together. (Official Music Video)