Big Words

Big Words

With Drake-like charisma drenched in Beach Boys harmonies - Big Words are Melbourne’s most adored duo, made up of childhood friends Will Scullin and Kieren Lee, showcasing their lush hybrid of alt R&B, indie-pop and soul.

Since being discovered busking by Ghostface Killah during Wu-Tang Clan's 2016 tour of Australia, Big Words have gone on to amass over 9 million streams, support Hobo Johnson and Tash Sultana on their national tours and play main stage slots at some of the biggest festivals around Australia including Beyond The Valley, Grapevine Gathering and Wildlands.

Their most recent output, mixtape ‘Cherry’ was serendipitously conceived during isolation. Originally the discarded demos from Big Words’ forthcoming debut album, The Cherry Mixtape took on a life of its own during quarantine when the duo were isolated in their apartment. One evening whilst having a few drinks, they decided they would finish off some semi-formed ideas which were never otherwise going to see the light of day. Entirely self-produced and completed in just two weeks, it wasn’t long before they realised these so-called ‘offcuts’ could actually be their best body of work yet. Cherry is a fortuitous treasure, embodying Big Word's unique ability to create contemporary music, whilst nodding to different eras.

Kieren’s eclectic writing style developed over years of busking on the streets of Melbourne, whilst Will’s signature falsetto and production style has flourished from years of writing and recording at home. Together their sound is inspired by a wide range of visionary artists like Frank Ocean, Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson, Daniel Caesar and Khruangbin.

Big Words - Cherry (Full Mixtape)